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by Sasha Neale on Horse Confidence
Remote Coaching

I initially come across Faye Lowe's Horse Confidence coaching on an online forum. I was intrigued by the idea, as I have suffered a loss of confidence to the point where I am not riding. I bought the book, 28 Days and read that. I then tried the NLP recordings, which are also very good. But somehow, they weren't quite what I was looking for. I booked a remote coaching session with Faye, and I am so glad I did. Faye listened and picked up on a few things that I didn't mention and made me REALLY think. She helped me look at things from another perspective which gave me some clarity. Once that happened, I could start to see a way forward. Quite literally a "lightbulb" moment! It won't happen over night, but I do understand that while my confidence issues seem irrational, they are no less real. By understanding and accepting that, I can start to move forward. So with my simple step by step plan in place, I am looking forward to building my confidence and finally enjoying the horse that I have waited so many years for!

by Ms Clark on Horse Confidence
Horse Confidence

This was my first experience of working with a confidence and NLP performance coach and it has enabled me to feel more positively towards my horse and equipped me with ways to turn negative thoughts into more positive ones. Faye is very professional and customer focused. She has a fantastic ability to listen with understanding and is empathic whilst being pragmatic and I look forward to working with Faye again in the future.

by Erica Rowell on Horse Confidence
Its all about the feeling

I joined the Horse Confidence Facebook group initially to be supported and to support like-minded people. Then I read Faye's book 28 Days to Happiness - that got my reflecting on my relationship with my horses both past and present. the mp3 recordings came next. I felt a big connection with perhaps the most simple of them 'Lets get Confident'. All of this improved my attitude towards my riding and my relationship with my horse but something wasn't right - still the nagging doubts, the 'what ifs' were stopping me move out of my comfort zone. So in an effort to find the last piece of the jig-saw I booked a telephone nlp session with Faye. I admit I was sceptical even though others in the group had raved about this approach. But I have to say it works! Its magic I am sure - but if you believe in magic then your dreams come true. You have to trust your feelings and work hard on the ideas that Fayre suggests. I am only at the beginning of this journey but I know its working and I will be achieving my goals with my best friend - my horse Holly!

by Val Strong on Horse Confidence
Horse Confidence with Faye Low

Having developed show phobia, which meant I became panicky as a show date approached and began looking for excuses not to go, I saw Faye's Horse Confidence Website and I haven't looked back since. I had 3 one to one sessions with Faye and worked through the Rider confidence series. There is no doubt that Faye has transformed my approach to showing. This season I have 3 Championships and 2 Reserves, in addition I took my young mare to the Great Yorkshire show and although we didnt get placed we had a great time! Thank you is not enough - Faye you are amazing!!

by Melanie Bailey on Horse Confidence
Life Changingly Awesome!

Faye Lowe has achieved what countless sessions with other hypnotists, cognitive hypnotherapists, TFT and NLP practitioners couldn't - the fear is GONE! Today, for the first time in more years than I care to remember, I rode a horse who got really scared, and I remained totally calm, confident and in control. I knew that rider was inside me, but I had started to give up hope that I would ever see her again. Well she is back! I am back! And in ONE 37 minute phone call!!! Thank you Faye from the bottom of my heart. xxx

by Kelly Brown on Horse Confidence
Living again

I discovered Faye when a post popped up about her doing a talk at Hadlow college last October and I knew that I had to attend. I was rock bottom. The thought of getting on Sandiro had me shaking and sick and I was so close to sending him back to his owner. However along side this fear I felt I had a limb missing, I was fed up and frustrated and missed riding so much. That talk blew me away and the very next day I tacked up my boy and sat on him, all by myself, quivering wreck but I was on!! I immediately subscribed to Horse Confidence Club and have not looked back. It's been a long journey but i'm now hacking out alone and schooling at home and at the nearby yard. Yes I still get doubts but I now have the tools to work through them. I know now that it's not failure to have an off day and decide it's safer not to ride. I've learnt that I can do this alone. (In the past I only tried if someone was there, hard when you are on a sole use yard) Faye helped me speak up and ask for help and I've since found an amazing instructor who gets both me and the boy and helps so much.I'm just about to finish the rider confidence exercises and have enjoyed every step. It takes dedication and focus but if you are willing to put in the effort then the results will shine through.I'm smiling again and loving my horses, life is great.I highly recommend :-)

by Samantha Pringle on Horse Confidence
Just the job!

Faye and her methods have made riding enjoyable again. I have used her NLP's, Horse Confidence Club and The 100 Day Horse Confidence Challenge and all encompass an 'I can do' ethos which has changed me form an everyday excuse to not ride to looking forward to riding. The help from Faye has helped me move on my novice mare, this is through her supportive emails and chats on her Facebook Page. I have gone from crying in my stable to winning rosettes BUT the biggest win is the smile I have when I achieve something new.

by Lynn Mildner on Horse Confidence
Trust the process, because it works . It really works

When I joined HCC I was too scared to get on my horse. I was also scared to lead him in and out . I am in my 60s and have been around horses all my life and my daughters have ridden competitively, and yet, I couldn't even fetch in from the field on a breezy day..My horse was a jumpy nappy nervous wreck, and I knew it was me that had made her that way .Next week I'm off to Dressage Camp for 3 days .My heart swells with joy when I think about being with my horse, and she nickers and runs up the field when she sees me.It took time - gradually over 2 years, but the combination of the talks MP3s, the video coursework, the books and a one on one NLP session with Faye and I haven't learned how to overcome the fear. The fear has gone .And along the journey I have loved the process of discovering my relationship with my horse, even when I wasn't confident to ride much, I still loved the process of learning to trust her.If you follow what Faye tells you, even if it seems a bit simple or bonkers (chicken clucks anyone?) you will become confident with you horse , but also my non horse life has become more positive, I manage stress better, and I am generally a happier person.

by Kate on Horse Confidence
Focus and support

Joined the club at the perfect time, shortly after my horse had an operation and is following a back to work programme.I used the 100 day challenge to keep me motivated through his period of box rest.The course is a wonderful way to retune your mind and realize how easy it is with the right tools regain control of your mind.The last time I rode my horse before the operation, 18 months ago, I felt on edge and very nervous. The first time I got on him this year I felt in control and back in my happy place.I am now looking to the future and what I want to achieve rather than what happened to stop me in my tracks.

From Cob to Sportshorse

With stop the spooking and control your thoughts MP3 I have done just exactly what it says on the Tin and am now training for my first BE competition on my fabulous new sportshorse. If I can do it, anyone can. Thanks Faye

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