beach 12Lizzie Allen

I have always suffered with heightened emotions when riding.  As a youngster it was more like nervous excitement – since gaining several decades and children it had turned into nervous fear.

I am lucky enough to have found my horse partner and with her have realised ambitions I have held since a child.

I have found hacking to be the hardest thing to do and I have constantly battled the ‘voice in my head’ that whispers all the disasters that will happen as soon as we set hoof off the yard.

With Faye’s help I have managed to find a new voice that has 3 positive answers to the negative voice.

The homework and tasks she set for me during our time together have enabled me to re-evaluate my approach to riding and also unexpectedly other parts of my life.

The negative voice is still there – the positive voice is there now too and I am looking forward to the day when the negative voice becomes a quiet whisper and the positive voice shouts out “bring it on”.

Last week I heard it say ‘shall we?’ and before the negative voice could clear its throat my answer was ‘yes’.

This hasn’t been a quick fix – Faye hasn’t ‘cured’ my anxieties – what she has done is shown me how I can look at my own resources to help myself through a maze of anxiety and confusion.  She is the ball of twine to the way out.

Email testimonial from a subscriber to the newsletter:

Hi Faye,

I have been receiving your emails for the last few weeks and I would like to thank you for your help.

For the last 5 years I have had a crippling fear of hacking.  I have a steady cob who loves hacking and doesn’t really spook at things, except cigarette packages (long story), but I just haven’t been able to feel happy about getting out hacking.  Anyway over the last few weeks of reading your emails and articles I actually hacked out with a friend last night and we cantered our horses.  I haven’t had the courage to canter my horse on a hack for many many years.

So thank you for the emails and articles they have helped me tremendously, here’s to the future.

From a very happy horse rider.

Janine Webb MRSC