hollie and polly

Hollie Dale & Polly

Throughout my whole life I’ve not felt confident in general especially with my riding.  I put a lot of unnecessary pressure on myself to be the best in anything I do.  This in turn creates more worry and nerves because I feel I’m not good enough to be “the best”.  When I heard about Faye’s Horse Confidence it sounded perfect as I recently bought my very first horse Polly!

I was beginning to feel overwhelmed and I would get frightened at the slightest little jump or spook that Polly did.  I thought it was time to do something about it and combat the fears that were holding me back from enjoying Polly.

When Faye began NLP with me, everything just seemed to fall into place and things started to make sense.  I had a strange feeling of calmness.  I started to think that maybe this could be the start of feeling free of worry.

We tried my anchor whilst I was in the menage and although I was a bit anxious, I wasn’t half as bad as I have been previously.

Since my session with Faye, Polly and I have been moving forwards and I’ve been using my anchor to stay calm and positive.  It has helped me do so much and I can see a happy future with Polly and I.  Thank you Faye!!

Shelley Fowler and ‘Star’


I have owned my horse Star for 5 and a half years, when I viewed her I knew she was the one, she hadn’t been ridden for 18 months but I quite happily rode her and felt “safe” on her.  After getting her home I decided to dig into her past and found out that she has shown dangerous behaviour under saddle with a previous owner.  This changed something within me and when I went to mount Star at home I stood on the mounting block and shook.

The years have gone by and I have persevered with Star as best as I could but the fear remained.  I often made excuses not to ride her, had other people ride her instead and even had some “horse whisperers” come out to work with her, all came to the same conclusion that it was my confidence that was the problem.

I started to have lessons which really helped build up my confidence in the school but hacking was still a major issue.  Star loves to hack out but we had an unfortunate incident this summer where she got a fright, span and cantered down the road (something she has never done before) and I avoided hacking out as a result.

I saw Faye’s advert on facebook and finally saw a solution to my confidence problems.  Fay is not only a confidence coach but is highly tuned into the energy which horses give off and during our first session gave Star some Reiki, Faye understood from Star that I feel like jelly (and indeed I often will physically shake when on board) and that Star needed me to be confident for her.

Our first ridden session consisted of removing the tension in my body when I am on board and getting Star and I working in harmony within the confines of the field, we then moved onto getting Star to walk out of the gate calmly, only letting her move forward when she was calm, we finished the session with a gentle walk down the lane and back and for the first time I could remember there was no tension or fear.

I have had two more ridden sessions with Faye since, met lorries and killer chickens but with her coaching I have managed to remain calm and in control.  Star really responds to my body language and Faye has shown me that that something as simple as forcing my heels down and gripping with my leg can make her tense up and jog.  Faye has coached me through some excitable behaviour and being a rider herself is very quick to help correct a problem if it arises.

With Faye’s help I am becoming the relaxed rider Star needs and with each session we are both growing in confidence.  I am looking forward to forging a new partnership with my horse and earning her trust, I intend to get out hacking as much as possible as soon as the lighter evenings return.