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At just £25 per month this is great value and the equivalent  of just one 1/2 hour lesson per month!

For the price of a 1/2 hour lesson per month you get access to over 8 hours worth of video content, e-books and bonus material to help you to get confident!

Why was Horse Confidence Club created?

As an on-line training system so that any rider who has nerves, anxieties or fears associated with horse riding could access the programme from anywhere in the World. The programme is based on a system that was devised by Faye after extensive research into 'Rider Confidence' as well as how to create a trusting partnership with your equine friend. The system is based on the rider developing self awareness skills to allow them to get over their fears and gain confidence by changing the way that they think and feel. This in turn will allow the rider to develop skills to create a partnership with their horse by learning how to listen and feel. The programme is based on Neuro-Science (how the brain works), Neuro Linguistic Programming (how the brain processes information), Psychology (why we do the things we do) and Performance Coaching techniques. The 3 main keys to building a partnership are CONNECTION, BALANCE and HARMONY.

What's in Horse Confidence Club?

  • Rider Confidence Programme

    Built on a foundation system Rider Confidence includes 12 classroom style videos.  That’s over 5 hours of video content  The videos are interactive, you complete experiments to get a solid understanding of what you are learning. You even get homework to complete and email back to Faye for assessment and advice.

  • Horse Confidence Programme

    Get 10 classroom style videos showing you how to build that wonderful trusting connection with your horse. Over 3 hours of video content and exercises for you to complete with your horse.

  • VIP Members Facebook Group

    The VIP Group is strictly for members of Horse Confidence Club.  Here we support each other by asking questions, celebrating success stories and those all important light-bulb moments.  Direct access to Faye with any questions that you may have.

  • Direct Coaching with Faye

    You will get ongoing support and coaching with Faye during the time that you are enrolled in HCC.  It is important to receive coaching at the exact time that something has occurred whether that is a set back or a celebration. Faye will ensure that you log the thought and feeling correctly to keep you on your path of confidence.  She will help you look at the bigger picture and keep you feeling motivated.

  • Unmounted Rider Confidence Exercises

    Build your rider confidence at home by creating a  process in your brain combined with a feeling and a behaviour. By practising the exercises at home you can get really good at controlling your emotional response so that you will feel more in control when riding your horse.

  • FREE Become A Confident Rider Course

    To complement the programme you get the popular mini course Become A Confident Rider absolutely FREE.  There are 3 downloadable PDFs that you can either print or download to your PC, tablet or phone so you can read it whenever and wherever you like

  • FREE Bonus Video "I AM"

    Based on a popular blog this BONUS video will show you exactly how to become “I AM CARL HESTER” so that you can use these skills to gain confidence in your riding.

  • FREE Bonus "Control Your Thoughts" Podcast

    Video podcast explaining how to learn to control your thoughts so that you can stop your thought process from running away with you.

Here is a breakdown of the Rider Confidence videos

  • Rider Confidence Video 1

    In this video you will learn about your motivations.  Why you do the things you do and how you can start to turn your problems into solutions.

  • Rider Confidence Video 2

    In this video you will begin to understand about your brain.  What are neural pathways? and how we can control them.

  • Rider Confidence Video 3

    In this video you will learn how to quieten your mind.  It is important to learn how to stop the mind chatter so that you being to think more clearly.

  • Rider Confidence Video 4

    Learn how to reprogramme your brain..  In this video we delve into a some neuro science.

  • Rider Confidence Video 5

    Start seeing your brain as a storage bank of information that can be pulled out depending on the question we are asking.

  • Rider Confidence Video 6

    In this video you will learn that words have power.  They have the power to change how you perceive everything..

  • Rider Confidence Video 7

    Feelings, it’s all about the way we feel.  Start to change from over-thinking everything and learn to start connected and feeling.

  • Rider Confidence Video 8

    In this video you will learn the powerful neuro linguistic programming tool of acting as if.  I’ll explain how clucking like a chicken can really help you.

  • Rider Confidence Video 9

    Let me show you in this video the power of music.  Music is a great mood inducer, I’ll explain how.

  • Rider Confidence Video 10

    Did you know that the brain cannot distinguish between what is actually real and what is imagined.  In this video I’ll explain this important piece of neuro science and also show you how you can implement it to give you confidence.

  • Rider Confidence Video 11

    Create some action by breaking out of your Comfort Zone.  I’ll show you how you can become an action hero.

  • Rider Confidence Video 12

    Congragulations, In this last video we tie everything up and create some action moving forward.

Sue and April before joining HCC

Sue with her youngster April in the days before HCC.  Sue would be frightened and thinking of all the bad things that could happen. April was picking up on her nerves and didn't trust Sue.

Sue and April after HCC

Sue learned to control her thoughts and her emotional response and worked on building a relationship of trust with April.

Create the partnership that you deserve

We really want you to be the best partnership that you can be. This programme has been designed to get you from feeling fearful, nervous, anxious and unsafe and help you to start feeling relaxed, confident and happy once more.  

We are giving you all the tools and information that you need to be able to achieve this very special bond that you can have with your horse.  

You just need to put in the work and the action power!

The Horse Confidence Camp Package has been estimated to be worth over £1,000
If you booked this time as 1-2-1 coaching directly with Faye it would be the equivalent to at least 12 sessions.

Because our mission is to help as many people as we can to become self aware and increase their rider and horse confidence, we are offering Horse Confidence Camp for the ridiculous monthly fee of just £25

For the price of a 1/2 hour riding lesson per month you get access to over 8 hours worth of video content and all the BONUS stuff.

If you are ready to change your world then jump on board now!

Horse Confidence Camp £25 per month

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