LR Hack 21.10.13Lindsay Robinson and ‘Luke’

I love my horse but I’ve hated certain situations (basically anything really to do with hacking out – there is monsters in them there hedges!). Something small made me lose confidence in my ability to ride my horse. Time and a vivid imagination made that something small become a huge obstacle to be avoided at all costs. I can talk myself out of anything if I have a mind to and have been doing so quite successfully for a while now!

A few weeks ago I decided that I really needed to get a grip – lose weight (that’s a work in progress), and start riding out again. Luckily about this time Faye popped up on my Facebook feed. Having contacted Faye she called me and we spoke about this and then she came out and visited with me and my horse and listened to me describing how I felt and why I felt like this and together we worked through various NLP techniques. I know NLP works, and the upshot of just one session is that instead of making excuses to not ride, or take my horse out walking, I’m now making excuses to take him out.

It’s little steps at the moment, because I’m constantly (because I can be sceptical) testing the boundaries of the work Faye did with me. It’s quite a surreal experience to be able notice things that normally would have me starting to get a bit anxious and react, to then not react, it’s almost like taking a step back from something to look at it positively rather than negatively. It’s actually quite good fun to push the boundaries and see what happens? I have a plan, and I’m actively following it rather than actively thinking about all the reasons why I can’t do it.I think my horse thinks I’ve been possessed!

Faye is empathic, and she really listens to you, she’s also doesn’t push you in any way whatsoever, but you find yourself doing things half an hour before she’d arrived you’d have been merrily making excuses for. Very worthwhile and the tips and techniques she gives you aren’t just for horses, they apply to life too.

Little Steps make big strides, and tomorrow, I’m going out for a little hack on my own..


18 months on… And over 600 hours of hacking later, I can look back on our journey back to happy hacking with a big smile on my face. The tools Faye gave us have been put into practice and I’ve learnt lots of new things too. The most important thing is being positive. In the last 18 months we’ve ridden through the middle of London as part of the London New Year’s Day parade, we’ve put thousands of miles on our hacking clock, we’ve started doing low level endurance rides and pleasure rides – on our own too (we have discovered that I am directionally challenged too!) It’s taken a while but for the first time in many years my horse and I are a team and we trust each other. I have learnt not to over analyse things.. Things happen, I can’t control everything, but I have discovered that when it happens, it’s not as bad as I imagined it to be, so there’s really no point worrying about what ifs, I will just deal with it. Faye set me on the path to really enjoying my horse again and the bonus is, my outlook on lots of things has changed too. Thank you