Don’t Let People Suck The Confidence From You

I have had a few emails this week from people who are finding it hard to stay motivated to ride when they share a livery yard full of people who are not very supportive to their goals. So I thought I’d write this quick post to put things into perspective for you. Everyone is an…

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Acceptance is the key

Acceptance…. this is an important key as far as confidence is concerned and even more so when we are looking at a human horse relationship. Let’s first talk human…. life is tough being a person with a brain. Constant chatter going on in our heads is it right is it wrong? Emotions all over the…

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Ditch the negative self talk

Ditch the negative self talk – people who lack confidence in themselves usually hold a 1st Class Honours Degree in Negative Self Talk. But seriously what is the point… what does it give you? Let’s break it down…. You start thinking of one problem, and then you start to feel bad about it, you then…

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Look at the bigger picture

When we lack confidence we can sometimes be so focused on what is going on with us that we forget about our horses. We don’t pay attention to the subtle signs that they are sending us but instead those subtle signs turn into BIG SHOUTS and then they get our attention. We are a team!…

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You can’t think yourself confident

Dispelling myths…… I can think myself confident!! Actually this is partly false. You can’t think yourself confident on its own you have to feel it. You can not control confidence with your mind. Confidence by definition is a feeling – a feeling or a belief of being certain. This is why controlling your thoughts is…

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Take off the pressure

Stop pressurising yourself to be confident! People who are less than confident have this overwhelming need to do everything as quickly as possible and push themselves way to fast too quickly. The inevitable happens and you get burned and set yourself back to square one again frown emoticon Patience is needed to build your confidence…

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I used to be able to… why can’t I now?

Most common thing I hear! I used to be able to ride all the time and be fine. I want to be that person again! I don’t want to burst anyone’s bubble but… you are never going to be that person again! Yes you heard me right I said NEVER! and I shall explain why….

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Believe In Yourself….

If you lack confidence then somewhere you don’t believe in yourself or your ability. Due to this you are conflicted. This state of confliction confuses our horses. Let me give you one of my analogies so you can get a feel for what I am trying to say. Imagine you have bought a copy of…

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