Horse Confidence Coaches Scheme

New for 2018!! The Horse Confidence Coaches scheme.

There are two schemes available;

Horse Confidence Coaching Certificate (Stage One only)

This course will allow any insured instructor to be listed on the Horse Confidence website as a recommended coach.  You will have full use of the Horse Confidence Recommend Coach logos to be used on any marketing materials.

The Horse Confidence Accredited Coach Scheme (Stage One, Stage Two, Stage Three and Final Case Study/Exam)

This is a more intense course which can be completed in stages over a period of time. You will be fully trained in person by Faye Low to become a Horse Confidence Accredited Coach where you will be personally recommended as well as listed on the website as a fully trained specialist in confidence for horse riders.

Stage One £195 + VAT

The Horse Confidence Coaching Certificate is available to anyone who wishes to work with unconfident riders. However it has been designed to implement any existing coaching/teaching business by giving you the tools to be able to work with un-confident clients. You may already hold a relevant teaching qualification BHSAI, BHSII, BHSI, UKCC Level 2, UKCC Level 3 or equivalent (you will be required to send copies of your qualification and insurance).

You will learn the following:

  • The responsibility of being a confidence coach
  • Managing your clients emotional state
  • How to manage the parents of an unconfident child
  • The mindset of your unconfident rider
  • The different types of unconfident rider
  • How to work with them and keep them safe
  • How to work with unconfident riders for their progresion
  • The brain and the body link for confidence building
  • How to use the Horse Confidence '5 Rules for Building Confidence

There will be an informal viva at the end of the day where you will be asked 3 questions to test your knowledge of the day and showing your duty of care for the un-confident rider. This is needed to gain your certificate.

As a recommended coach you will also be approved to open a Horse Confidence trade account so that you may buy Horse Confidence products at a special discount to supplement your existing business.

Stage Two (£250 + VAT)

This stage you will have a full day's training with Faye so that she can go through her box of tools that she uses with her clients. You will have exercises that you can perform on your clients to get them to dig deep about their confidence issues so you can find the root cause and not just fix a symptom that may keep reappearing.

Faye will also teach you how to 'listen' to your client for analysis of their confidence levels and whether they are being congruent (i.e. are the actions and their words matching).

You will be given a handbook full of information as well as a CD with all the exercises available.

Stage 3 £195 + VAT

At this stage you have understood the mechanics of an unconfident client and how they will present to you. You have also understood what tools are available for your use and how they can impact your less than confident client in a positive way.  In stage 3 we learn how to put the tools into action by working with 'types' of clients in role playing sessions and video format. This will assimilate all your knowledge to give you confidence to start working with clients face to face.  Faye will encourage you to put all your new skills into action and oversee all the decisions that you make to build your confidence levels.

Case Study and Final Exam £75 +VAT

After completion of Stages One, Two and Three you will need to put all your tools and knowledge into actual practise. You are advised to take on at least 3 clients to learn from as case study clients.  You will be asked to prepare a portfolio of your 3 case studies for submission within 6 months of completing your Stage Three.

Your final exam paper will be sent upon submission of your case studies and you will have 21 days to complete this exam module. 

Each case study represents a 25% mark totalling 75%. 
Your exam is also a 25% mark.

You will be required to achieve a 70% grade to pass and become a Horse Confidence Accredited Coach.

Once you have graduated you will be sent a numbered Horse Confidence Accredited Coach Certificate. You will be proudly placed on the Horse Confidence Website as a Horse Confidence Accredited Coach where you will have rights to use the logos on all of your marketing material.  You will also have a trade account opened where you will receive a discount on Horse Confidence products so that you may enhance your business activity.

Stage One Dates:

Saturday 10th February 2018, Moulton College Northampton - Fully Booked
Saturday 10th March 2017 - Moulton College, Northampton - Spaces available
Saturday 28th April 2018 - Moulton College, Northampton - Spaces available
Saturday 16th June 2018 - Writtle College, Essex - Spaces available

Stage Two Dates

Saturday 21st July 2018 - Writtle College, Essex - spaces available - bookings will open in February 2018!

Stage Three dates to be confirmed shortly......

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