100 Day Horse Confidence Challenge

Are you ready to change your mindset?
To change the way you think?
To stop focusing on problems, but instead start looking at the great things that you achieve everyday with your horse?

In this world we live in it is really easy to put yourself down. To always think that you can do better.  That you are not good enough. That you have failed in some way. But rarely do we stop and say... "actually you know what I achieved something day!"

It is really important to celebrate your success, however small they are.  It is essential as this celebration of your success builds your confidence.  It releases those feel good feelings that you are good enough!  and you are achieving your goals.  Little and often is the key to building confidence and achieving your goals. Small steps will lead you to bigger success. But more importantly it changes the way you focus on your life.  It allows you to focus on solutions, happiness, feeling good and enjoying your partnership with your horse.

The 100 day Horse Confidence Challenge is based on the scientific fact that it takes on average 30 days to create a new neural pathway in the brain. In essence it takes 30 days for a new habit to be formed.

So why 100 days? Well, I want to make sure that it sticks. I want the new habit to be deeply ingrained so that each day you wake up looking for your next challenge, that each time you ride you are focusing on fun, the pleasure and the happiness of just being with your horse and living your dreams.

Are you up for the 100 Day Horse Confidence Challenge?

Here's how it works.... You can use any form of social media be that Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or Twitter. You can even create your own page on Facebook and post on there, whatever works for you.

Every challenge day you will be required to upload a photo of your achievement adding the hashtag #100DayHorseConfidenceChallenge.  Your photo can be of absolutely anything that you have achieved with your horse. From as small as you've been for a walk, to as big as jumping 100cm for the first time. You can get creative with your photos so if you're working alone you can take selfies or photos your horse or the route you are taking, jump you are jumping etc.

The only proviso with the challenge is that whatever you are doing with your horse has to make you smile, feel good and build your confidence. It must be a positive feeling so that you can bank it in your confidence bank! You must also write about what you did and how it made you feel so that you can celebrate your achievement. 

Here's an example:

Day 1 #100dayhorseconfidencechallenge.  

Just spent a lovely 10 minutes walking out with my horse enjoying the each others company :-). It made me realise how close a bond we have and how much she trusts me.


On your last day, Day 100, please remember to add "I have completed the 100 Day Horse Confidence Challenge" to your post and don't forget the hashtag. 

To really boost your confidence further you can create your own Horse Confidence Bank.  This can be money pot where you can add £1 for each day that you have completed your challenge. At the end of your 100 days you will have a huge £100!!! And you can celebrate by spending that money on yourself or your trusty steed 😀

Remember the challenge is all about the journey of confidence, so enjoy it!

Please note that days do not need to run one after the after as I know its difficult for some of you who are on full livery or who work and don't get to see their horses everyday.  That is fine you can still post Day 1, Day 2 etc for each time that you are physically with your horse and completing the challenge 😀

Horse Confidence 100 Day Journal

Alternatively if sharing on social media isn't for you and you would prefer to create a journal of your Horse Confidence journey then the Horse Confidence 100 day journal is for you.  

The Horse Confidence 100 Day Journal is a proven way to build confidence by achieving your goals in small easy steps. The journal sets out your bucket list of goals and helps you identify how to break them down into bite size chunks. The system teaches you how to focus on the solutions to problems and how to control your thought process to keep you motivated to achieve your dreams. This is not a text book but is a journal to aid you to track you confidence building process through a proven system of questions and blogging. 




100 Day Challenge through the Horse Confidence App

Do you have the Horse Confidence App (available in the App store or on Google Play)?  If so you can now play the 100 day Horse Confidence Challenge through the app.  You will find 3 new tabs Goals Info, Post Your Goal and Goals Log (photos below).

Goals info tells you what you need to do.

Post your goals is a wall where you can now post your achievement plus take or upload a photo directly to your comment. People can even reply to spur you on and give you confidence.

Then you can go to the Goals Log tab click on the 100 day tracker and press stamp to log your day. It will ask for a password which is 'goals'. This handy tracker means that you will never forget where you are in your 100 day challenge.