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What is stopping you from riding and achieving your dreams?  There is only one answer, and that is.... YOUR THOUGHTS!

Why choose Horse Confidence?

Simple really, because we are passionate about what we do and we believe in helping leisure riders be the best they can be for their horses!

Faye Low is dedicated to helping leisure riders and horses become a partnership. After years of research and working with people, as well as training animals. Faye has come up with an innovative way to help riders learn to communicate with their horse and build trust.  

Confidence is a feeling, you can't think it, you can't force yourself to have it.  You have to feel it!  Horse riding is very different to most as it involves a living breathing creature that has thoughts, feelings and behaviour of its own. We are communicating with a different species based on our body language, our energy and our belief in ourselves. Horses can sense when we feel unsure, when we lack confidence and when we do not have faith in the partnership. Confidence starts with your thoughts and is developed through to your feelings to give you belief in yourself.  Find out about Faye's system for success to achieve your confidence and a great partnership with your horse.

We have our first certified Horse Confidence Coaches...

IMG_1056So proud of all these ladies who recently completed stage 1 of the Horse Confidence Accreditation to become Horse Confidence Recommended Coaches. 

Please see the HC Coaches tab to find a coach in your area.

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